Episode 15: COVID-19, Chinese Medicine and germ theory

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In today’s episode, we are delving deeper into the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, a topic that is on many of our minds right now. In the last episode, I touched on some of the preventative practices and lifestyle measures we can be incorporating right now, and we will be reiterating some of these in light [...]

Episode 15 Intro: Chinese Medicine & Coronavirus Covid-19

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This is a quick introduction to a longer episode coming next week, regarding Chinese Medicine and the novel coronavirus Covid-19. Since the outbreak of the virus, our Chinese Medicine colleagues in China have been using individualised Chinese herbal medicine to ease symptoms and support recovery from the disease. I’ll be going into more detail [...]

Episode 14: Late Summer Diet & Lifestyle Tips

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Right now, we find ourselves in the season of Late Summer – a time of humidity and dampness that can overwhelm the organ systems related to digestion and fluid metabolism, potentially resulting in digestive symptoms, weight changes, fluid retention, swelling, fatigue and foggy thinking. Luckily, Chinese Medicine has developed simple diet and lifestyle tweaks [...]

Episode 12: Five Elements, Organ Systems & Emotions

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Today we demystify the 5 Elements - a central concept that we use in Chinese Medicine to classify things, symptoms, phenomena and the world around us. Stemming from Daoist philosophy, for the past several thousand years, 5 Element thought has informed Chinese science, technology and culture, influencing fields as diverse as military strategy, music, [...]

Episode 11: Everything Old is New again! The convergence of leading-edge biomedicine with ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom

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It’s such an interesting time for us Doctors of Chinese Medicine right now, as we are seeing more and more of our fundamental medical concepts embraced as the foundation of the most progressive biomedicine, particularly in the spheres of functional & integrative medicine - and in medicine personalised to the individual. We also see [...]

Episode 10: Exercise – can we have too much of a good thing?

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Can we have too much of a good thing? It's possible! Very often, I see patients who come in with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, disrupted hormones, autoimmune conditions or seeking to conceive, who are simultaneously asking a lot of their bodies with the exercise they choose. As always, it's important to strike a supportive balance with [...]

Episode 9: Happy New Year of the Metal Rat!

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The Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat is just around the corner, and it's a big party, with one quarter of the world's population getting ready to celebrate! Let's find out more about the Metal Rat Year, and ways that we can celebrate to bring in more luck, health and abundance in this [...]

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