Acupuncture &
Chinese Medicine:
natural & clinically proven for over 3,000 years.

Chinese Medicine is a complete healthcare system validated by thousands of years of continuous clinical practice. You can feel safe knowing that the same acupuncture points and medicinal herbs that we use at our clinic in Burleigh on the Gold Coast, have been used in clinic for thousands of years.

Chinese Medicine is the original functional medicine: in addition to providing relief from symptoms, it is focused on getting to the root of the problem and restoring optimal function. We take the time to listen to your medical history, so that we can gain a complete picture of what is going on for you at a specific time. This means that we can then individually tailor the best treatment plan to have you feeling pain-free, healthy and at your best!

An individually-tailored approach is why acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be applied to a diverse range of health complaints, from musculoskeletal pain (i.e. back, neck, shoulder pain) to the management of pain, fatigue and nausea related to many chronic diseases*. As the aim of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is to boost health and restore optimal function of the body’s various systems, it has been traditionally used for thousands of years to address a broad range of conditions – and the body of current research and clinical trials supporting acupuncture and Chinese Medicine continues to grow.

Please contact us with any questions about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture may be able to help you with a specific condition. With our acupuncture clinic located in beautiful Burleigh, our central Gold Coast position makes us easily accessible.

Supporting Evidence & Research
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