Episode 20: You are your own healer – health enquiry questions to tune deeper into yourself

You are you own healer and you know your body best!  Health professionals can offer (often much-needed) help and guidance, but ultimately, you are the expert on YOU, and you are the one having YOUR unique body-mind-soul experience, each and every moment. Getting curious about, and listening to, the messages that your whole self [...]

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Episode 14: Late Summer Diet & Lifestyle Tips

Right now, we find ourselves in the season of Late Summer – a time of humidity and dampness that can overwhelm the organ systems related to digestion and fluid metabolism, potentially resulting in digestive symptoms, weight changes, fluid retention, swelling, fatigue and foggy thinking. Luckily, Chinese Medicine has developed simple diet and lifestyle tweaks [...]

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Episode 12: Five Elements, Organ Systems & Emotions

Today we demystify the 5 Elements - a central concept that we use in Chinese Medicine to classify things, symptoms, phenomena and the world around us. Stemming from Daoist philosophy, for the past several thousand years, 5 Element thought has informed Chinese science, technology and culture, influencing fields as diverse as military strategy, music, [...]

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