Episode 23: What is DNS, and how can it revolutionise your strength & movement for more enjoyment of life?!

In this episode, I chat with Monique Telfer of Meta Pilates. Monique is a teacher of DNS - Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation - a school of movement that has been absolutely life-changing for me in resolving life-long pain, and in supercharging my strength and movement. I've always been active and have loved many different types [...]

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Episode 22: Can you “catch” a cold or “disease” from somebody else, and if not, what are the causes of dis-ease?

With the weather getting cooler where I live, I am seeing more and more sniffles and cold-like presentations around me. I am also hearing people talk about “catching” something from each other or spreading “germs” and.I wanted to share a different perspective that is the view from ancient Chinese Medicine texts (up to 2,500 [...]

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Episode 21: Community Questions on sluggish liver, bone health, menopause, eyesight and more

In today’s episode, I answer some awesome questions from the community, such as: • what are the signs that your liver may be sluggish? • what are your thoughts on enemas? • how to manage symptoms of menopause? • how to protect bone as we age? • can you get your eyesight back? • what is the link [...]

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Episode 20: You are your own healer – health enquiry questions to tune deeper into yourself

You are you own healer and you know your body best!  Health professionals can offer (often much-needed) help and guidance, but ultimately, you are the expert on YOU, and you are the one having YOUR unique body-mind-soul experience, each and every moment. Getting curious about, and listening to, the messages that your whole self [...]

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