Right now, we find ourselves in the season of Late Summer – a time of humidity and dampness that can overwhelm the organ systems related to digestion and fluid metabolism, potentially resulting in digestive symptoms, weight changes, fluid retention, swelling, fatigue and foggy thinking. Luckily, Chinese Medicine has developed simple diet and lifestyle tweaks that help us flow in harmony with the seasons – including this time of dampness. Join us as we learn more about how to balance our bodies at this time for greater health and vitality!

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Episode Highlights

• the current season of Late Summer affects the Earth element, linked to digestion, energy assimilation and fluid metabolism

• the organs of digestion – the Spleen and Stomach – are easily overwhelmed by dampness and humidity, resulting in the common symptoms at this time of year of digestive upset, appetite changes, weight changes, bloating, nausea, diarrhoea / constipation, reflux

• gut health is the foundation of good health, so other symptoms may arise at this time too, like fatigue, foggy thinking, flat moods and fluid metabolism issues like swelling and fluid retention

• the associated emotion of the Earth season is Worry, so this may be popping up as over-thinking or anxiety

• luckily, Chinese Medicine has identified simple diet and lifestyle tweaks that can support our bodies at this time, and help us to flow in harmony with the season!

• these are things like caring for our digestion with warm, cooked foods and digestion-boosting herbs and spices

• chewing well and creating boundaries around mealtimes

• practicing gratitude and basking in the abundance of the season

• starting to slow down as we head towards the cooler months

• practicing a grounding breath to allow us to drop into “rest-and-digest” mode (parasympathetic mode) which can be so helpful at this time of year.

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