My intention for this episode is to open up our scope of thinking and perception to include the myriad ways in which we are interconnected. One of the many, many aspects of Chinese Medicine that I love is the acknowledgment that we are woven in to the rich fabric of life and the world around us. We are not separate, and we do not end at our skin. Opening our minds to this understanding offers us many additional realms or “channels” – beyond the merely material – in which to observe how our vitality is affected to either our benefit or detriment. This perspective gifts us greater power and agency to make tweaks or choices in our every day that can support our healing and greater vitality.

Our oldest medical texts codify the understanding of climatic, seasonal and environmental effects on our body-mind-soul, and offer solutions for aligning with these cycles for optimal health. The ancient sages worked out a 60 year calendar of Stems and Branches, which clearly map fluctuations in climate over this period – knowledge that has been corroborated in recent research into climatic and astronomical cycles affecting weather patterns. Modern research also aligns with ancient wisdom about the effects of cosmic and galactic weather, and the influence of heavenly bodies. On a more micro level, Feng Shui is a recognition of the importance of our local environment for our health and abundance.

In addition to our environment, whether cosmic or domestic, we are also connected across time in the form of ancestral memory and inheritance, past life / soul imprints, and in the form of shared cultural history and identity that shapes our beliefs about health and healing. The realm of ideas and beliefs — very often the unconscious and unexamined ones – also wields a profound impact on our health: just consider the powerful healing effects of “inert” placebos. Expanding our perspective beyond the physical and material gifts us so much more awareness, which in turn can lead to greater healing!

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