Today I invite you to join me in a thought experiment – a journey of imagination, and perhaps, a dreaming into being of a new world. I think that it’s really important to ask these questions and consider what is possible, because:

A) it’s a big part of the actual scientific method – not the scientism that has been co-opted into dogma and religious belief, but the true spirit of inquiry through which we learn about our world, and who we are in it. In science, we ask “what if…”, “how does this work”, “how do we know this”, “why do we assume this be true”, “how can we consider this differently”, “can we look at things in a more expansive way”

B) words are spells! Our words spell out and shape our reality, the inform our subconscious minds; they shape how we think and how we relate with the world – and what kind of world we create around us.  

In this episode, we ponder, what if we evolved into a different understanding and terminology for what we now call the “immune system”? 

Is there another way to think of how our bodies adapt to input from the external world that is not so defensive, separating, oppositional and rooted in attack-thinking?

What if we thought of the amazing symphony of functions that helps us adjust to the world, and to process and assimilate a spectrum of information and input, as a dynamic interface – the veil between outside and inside?

Just because something is defined a certain way now doesn’t mean that it has always been that way, and we discuss some alternate perspectives on the science of health.

How can we hope to create a more beautiful world of peace and  harmony from a place of fear, defensiveness, resistance and resentment? I believe that through our own liberation, healing and expansion, we can heal the world around us. When we shed our own limiting thoughts and worldviews, and become more whole and integrated, we are doing something real for the world – an infinitesimal part of healing the collective, to paraphrase Jung. It’s an inside job, and it starts with us. And so I think, if we hold certain worldviews of conflict, violence, attack, such as those that have come to the forefront in the past century with the rise of pharmaceutical medicine, what are we perpetuating into the world around us, what are we dreaming into being? What can we create from a worldview that is more connected, trusting and benevolent? Come dream with me!

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