With the weather getting cooler where I live, I am seeing more and more sniffles and cold-like presentations around me. I am also hearing people talk about “catching” something from each other or spreading “germs” and.I wanted to share a different perspective that is the view from ancient Chinese Medicine texts (up to 2,500 years old!), as well as the view expounded by some very bold present-day scientists, doctors and virologist – even a Nobel prize winning one, for those that get into that. This is a view that is empowering and does not place us as a victim at the mercy of invisible attackers – with all the stress and fear that that brings with it. It is view that offers a different perspective to the theory (and it’s only a theory) of contagion.

I like to remind people that only several decades ago, we were demonising bacteria and now we embrace probiotics and understanding the importance of a robustly balanced and diverse microbiome. There are no goodies and baddies. 

This is a way of looking at the world that tends to our inner terrain and the health of our inner world – terrain theory, as opposed to germ theory. It explains why some people don’t get sick, even when those around them do. It may also shed light on why many practitioners and doctors can spend all day in close proximity with sniffly people, and yet we don’t magically catch those symptoms. Why is that?

Chinese Medicine considers that we are woven in to Mama Nature and the world around us. When our energy – our Qi – is coherent and anchored, when our Shen (consciousness) is clear and present, and when we are in alignment with the cycles of nature, we flow with ease and health. When not, we manifest signs of “dis-ease” – a disruption to our healthy flow and energy. 

NB: it is worth pointing out that the “pathogens” mentioned in this ancient text generally refer to imbalanced energies or climatic influences.

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Montagnier DNA experiment

Depiction of Professor L. Montagnier’s experiment

Montagnier DNA experiment


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