In this episode, I chat with Monique Telfer of Meta Pilates. Monique is a teacher of DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation – a school of movement that has been absolutely life-changing for me in resolving life-long pain, and in supercharging my strength and movement.

I’ve always been active and have loved many different types of movement, from tennis to running, Ashtanga and other forms of yoga, Qi Gong, snowboarding, skating and surfing. But I always felt like there was a missing piece of the puzzle: despite my broad range of activity, I didn’t feel as strong and stable as I might have thought, and I sensed that there was more that I could get from my performance and my enjoyment of movement. That missing piece was DNS.

DNS basically does a factory reset on the adaptive patterns of movement, posture and proprioception (our awareness of our bodies in space) that we have collected over a lifetime. It updates our nervous system and brain to facilitate healthy movement and postural habits, and in doing so, allows us to use our whole body holistically, and in concert and coherence.

I love that DNS gives us the tools to course-correct in a home practice between sessions, and that it grows our knowledge of ourselves. I often suggest it as part of the toolkit for people who talk to me about musculoskeletal pain, injuries and postural habits, and so I thought it was time to share more in a deep dive into this amazing modality.
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