In today’s episode, I answer some awesome questions from the community, such as:

• what are the signs that your liver may be sluggish?
• what are your thoughts on enemas?
• how to manage symptoms of menopause?
• how to protect bone as we age?
• can you get your eyesight back?
• what is the link between a presentation of pelvic floor, bunions, thinning teeth and receding gums?

It’s interesting to note that as we go through and discuss solutions for a range of presentations, the root solutions often remain the same. Yes, there are additional remedies we can apply in specific situations for relief of the messages (symptoms), but if we keep digging to the root of the causes, very often we see common triggers such as inflammation, digestion that could do with some love, stress, limiting emotional patterns, belief habits, etc.

The good news is that if we actively work to support our foundation with key tweaks such as wholefoods, emotional expression, movement, structuring our body water, mindfulness, connection and reducing toxins, we can resolve the body-mind-soul’s calls for help and proactively create vibrant wellness in our future! Winning!

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Chinese Medicine is a personalised, functional medicine that treats the individual and the root cause of their presenting imbalance (what conventional medicine would call the symptom, disease or condition). This means that your doctor of Chinese Medicine will work one-on-one with you to achieve a personalised treatment plan. As such, this podcast is for informational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or substitute existing medical advice.

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